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Hello and welcome to

This is a food website mostly dedicated to reviewing and reporting on restaurants and other food related establishments, such as specialty food stores, around the north Alabama area.  While the primary focus is the Huntsville area, don’t be surprised if a Chattanooga or even Gulf Shores place shows up on the radar.  We’re just all about food, good and sometimes bad, how & where to get it, prepare it and eat it.

As previously mentioned the majority of things you’ll find here are restaurant reviews.  However, we like to cook and experiment just as much as we like to place an order.  So from time to time we’ll toss-up a recipe or video on how to prepare a dish.

So feel free to check through the drop-down menus to find your local area and food genre of choice and see where we’ve been.  And click the other food related tabs to check out some of our other shenanigans.



  1. Please review “Hot Chicken Kitchen”. Its supposed to taste like “Princess Hot Chicken Shack” in Nashville. We love that place.

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