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Huntsville & North Alabama’s only Non-Foodie Food Blog!

Hello!  Welcome to!

A food enthusiast site based out of Huntsville & North Alabama.  While on the surface it may appear to be all restaurant reviews, I assure you it runs much deeper than that.  My love for all things food arose from the rapidly expanding Huntsville restaurant scene.  I’ve since discovered that cooking, grilling and testing & experimenting with all types of food, food products, recipes and ingredients can get very interesting and be just as fun.

While there is no limit to the type of foods I’ll discuss and review, no apologies will be made that I’m coming out of The South.  Where BBQ, gulf seafood and home cooking sometimes seem to take over.  I don’t think any normal person would have an issue hearing about either of those food genres but if you’re doing in depth research on local Italian bistros, you may wanna check elsewhere.  However, I try not to do back to back posts on the same types of foods just to keep from getting burnt out.

Here you’ll find chatter on all aspects of the food I’m trying and no stone will be left unturned.  If I’m cooking fresh venison you’ll know what kind of rifle took down the mighty beast and maybe even see GoPro footage of its last munch of clover.  Prattling endlessly about veggies grown in my own personal garden may happen once spring rolls back around.  And I always try to get a pic of the sushi bar and the BBQ pit whenever I visit either of those types of restaurants.  My curiosity is your gain.  I’m even trying to find a local slaughter house that’ll let me “see how the sausage is made” if you will.

I’ll also be caught participating in all types of shenanigans.  You know what I mean if you were privileged enough to have seen my video from a few years ago where I ate the banana, avocado and pomegranate without first peeling them.  Those will be far between, but when they do appear you can be sure that I’m out of ideas and desperate for attention.

So do yourself a favor, sit back and check out the drop down menus and let me guide you through your journey that is food and local restaurants.  And please don’t be shocked if I venture outside the North Alabama area and report back, but those wildcards will only be for special occasions.

4 Responses to Huntsville & North Alabama’s only Non-Foodie Food Blog!

  1. Please review “Hot Chicken Kitchen”. Its supposed to taste like “Princess Hot Chicken Shack” in Nashville. We love that place.


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