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Flyboys Grill & Catering



Way back in 2008 I first envisioned this website & all it could bring to the table.  I pictured the different food & places there were around here and it got somewhat overwhelming thinking that I was gonna have to personally see, touch, try and write about every single one of them in order to make what I wanted it to become.

I look back a couple of years ago when a friend and I spent the better part of a weekend and a few tanks of gas going around to every single restaurant, bar & establishment that served food in the Huntsville area gathering up to go menus.  I think we even went to McDonalds at one point.  I had this grandiose scheme to put every menu item for each of these restaurants into a website and have this huge database and it’d be the first of its kind, blah blah blah…  Doing this huge task made me realize that I didn’t want to have just ANY restaurant on my site.  As a matter of fact it was the exact opposite: the hidden gems were going to be’s bread and butter.

One of those hidden gems is known as Flyboys Grill & Catering located about a mile south of the shopping hub known as Jones Valley on Bailey Cove Road (GOOGLE MAP LINK), just off of the beaten path.  Before I ate there the first time I had assumptions that such an out-of-the-way place that didn’t appear to be very popular couldn’t have good food and was surely going out of business before too much longer.  It didn’t take me long to change my mind.

Since it’d been a year or so since I’d eaten there, I stopped in twice in the last two weeks just to refresh my memory.  The folks that work there are always really friendly & greet you when you come though the door.  I typically end up in a small conversation with an employee or two before I leave.  Amid all this hospitality, a strange thing I’ve noticed that bothers me to a degree is that from what I’ve seen it’s NEVER busy.  I go during the lunch rush & dinner time and no more than half-dozen or so other parties are ever in there.  I do know that I’ve never had to wait in a line & the food was always fresh so it’s hard to peg this as a “bad” thing.

The menu has a pretty good range from different types of cheesesteaks, subs, chicken, burgers, wings and salads.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to tackle it in just two visits so a couple of updates and follow ups would probably have to happen.  Don’t think for a second that this cheapens this post because I went after some of their best and most popular items and was not disappointed.


As far as I’m concerned the main item here is the philly cheesesteak.  After all, the allure of this classic American sandwich is what got my coming to Flyboys in the first place.

This is a very simple cheesesteak.  The beef is cooked to the perfect mixture of crispy on the edges but still maintain a nice juicy and flavorful level & you’re given plenty of it.  It’s then paired with the onions and grilled together on the flat top in the kitchen.  You can even watch them cook if you’re into that sorta thing.  The mayo and provolone are then tossed in and placed on a hoagie bun.  This bun is very soft & fresh and appears to be made in-house, however I do think that it could stand to be a little crisper or event toasted.  Also, I don’t know if anyone caught it or not, but there are no peppers on this sandwich.  Some might think that this makes it incomplete.  And in a lot of situations I’d agree with you.  But this cheesesteak’s “less is more” attitude gets it done without the help of the traditional peppers.

Now I’m not going to say that this is the best cheesesteaks around, because there’s a lot more out there that I haven’t tried.  I may have had a couple that could compare and might be a little better or bigger.  But there’s a reason I went here for entry #1 in the Quest for Cheesesteak.


I’m gonna get real serious about these tenders for a minute.  There’s a couple of places around where we typically get our chicken tenders.  We all know what they are and the type of sauce you get with the tenders at these places.   The tenders you’ll get at Flyboys are just as good if not just a notch or so better.  The sauce is the typical tangy orange chicken tender sauce you either love or hate, I for one could drink it by itself.  They are served as an appetizer, a meal or in buckets.  I had only tried them for the first time this last visit and I still haven’t stopped talking about them.  Do yourself a favor, take the kids, go to Flyboys and get a great big bucket of tenders.  Let me know if you liked them as much as I did.

I wanted to get their wings, but I had a few things already ordered and did not want to look like a glutton.  But their day is coming.


The last thing I’ll talk about here is the homemade potato chips & their french fries.  The chips were very interesting to me because you don’t get this particular item homemade just anywhere.  They’re an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like them because they are on the greasy side as well as being a little thicker than we’re used to with regular bagged potato chips.  That being said, despite your initial impression, you’ll have to eat a dozen or so to decide if you actually like them or not.  I did enjoy them, even dipped them in ketchup.  The salty flavor is their strong suit & make them at least worth trying.  I think these chips would be good if they had some ranch dressing or special sauce that went with them.  And don’t think I won’t be ordering a big basket to have during my football parties this year.  But I’ll probably be getting fries from now on with my Flyboys meals.

The fries are the heavy weights of the sides at Flyboys.  They’ve got a very crispy outside yet still tender on the inside without being underdone.  If I ever do a bit about the best fries around these will make top 10 or higher.  I put a handful of them in my sandwich and they even complimented the cheesesteak, it’s that serious.  Try the fries!

Check out the video where I’ve got some really good shots of the chips and fries for you check out.


When I think of Flyboys I think of the cheesesteak, but the other items seem to hold their own too.  And if their burgers and wings keep with the same homemade quality and taste, we may have a few new contenders in the ring.

But, for now my suggestion is to try this food as soon as you can, share this post and get these guys some business so they stay with us for many years to come.  This is the first of many of the hidden gems I’ll bring to life on, but it won’t be the last!


Bobby D.


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3 Responses to Flyboys Grill & Catering

  1. Oh, I ain’t shy.

    So having accompanied you on one trip, my contrast is as such; slightly overrated. Now, I’m not one of those guys that says, “oh this ain’t got nuttin’ on those Philly ones” or some other such smug comment. I just was not that impressed with it.

    The meat, onions and peppers were on pint, as was the bread. However, the over abundance of mayo was a killer. I love mayo, just not that “so-sweet-I-should-be-a-salad-dressing” kind, nor do I want it running down my arm while I eat.

    The chips were great. Along with the fries, these are easily one of the highlights of the place. Something about the way they cook them and the oil they use makes them worth going for alone.

    Of course, these are all just my superior opinions. Take them for what they are…

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