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Unfinished Business at Mr. D’s Furniture in Scottsboro, AL

You never buy the car that’s sitting in the showroom & you never pay sticker price.  And it’s a well-known fact that if you want the good stuff, you’ll have to look “in the back”.  In the David Lee Murphy song “Dust on the Bottle”, ol’ Creole Williams had to reach through the cob webs to turn the cellar lights in order to get to the really good bottles of homemade wine.  I’m sure he could have just as easily given his customer a bottle of wine from his kitchen counter but that wouldn’t have been worthy.  The same can be said for the type of store you go for your special item.  Did the kid in Gremlins go to Petsmart for a new puppy?  No, he went to a Chinese sage’s store in a back alley , picked up his bouncing baby Mogwai, named it Gizmo & headed home to feed it after midnight.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 8.10.21 PMThe latter example might not have been the smartest of moves, but the point I’m getting at is still valid.  What you need, what will set you apart isn’t found in that showroom model that the dealer wants you to buy, it’s not in the display case with the flourescent lights glaring down on it, it’s behind those swinging doors, under the register or down that alley.

This hits me every time I visit Mr. D’s furniture in Scottsboro, AL and check out their unfinished furniture selection.  And while they have some nice things in their showrooms, it’s that area that you don’t see right off that offers the unique furniture pieces that you didn’t know existed.  I didn’t know buying unfinished furniture was an option until I climbed the 2 flights of stairs, turned the corner and saw the bright glow of the bare wood.  When I first saw it I thought it was cabin furniture because of its raw appearance, but Mr. D’s owner, Allen, set me straight.

IMG_1994I guess I should mention that by unfinished, I don’t mean it’s not put together or incomplete.  This simply mean that the final coat of polish, paint or finish has not been added therefore making the piece cheaper & customizable.  You can make this stuff whatever color or shade you’d like.  But, if you like a piece but don’t want to finish it yourself, you can pay more for the finished version.  But I think buying the blank canvas is what makes this selection of furniture unique.

Mr. D’s supplier for the unfinished furniture is a family owned business out of Haleyville  Alabama called A&H Woodworking, established in 1994.  And, If the concept of fully customizable furniture that supports in state businesses with every purchase wasn’t enough, the prices might send you over the edge.  Here are just a few examples of the prices you can expect:

– 7ft Bookcase –            Unfinished = $148, Finished = $208

– Gentlemen’s Chest – Unfinished = $428, Finished = $548

– Armoire –                     Unfinished = $345, Finished = $455

You get the idea.  As you can see there’s anywhere from a $60 to $110 difference in price between the finished & IMG_2005unfinished.


I know that furniture, especially unfinished furniture, isn’t food.  But I didn’t promise to always write about food, just things that are interesting, fun and things that are hidden gems.  And these items hidden “in the back” are the quintessential hidden gems.  If you decide to check out Mr. D’s & feel like the unfinished business isn’t for you, they’ve got several other showrooms & warehouses bursting at the seams with ready to use furniture for every room in your house!


Bobby D.

2 Responses to Unfinished Business at Mr. D’s Furniture in Scottsboro, AL

  1. I alway’s hit the top floor first of Mr.D’s whenever i go there, I remember going in there with my mom when i was a little kid, That was 45 yrs ago

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